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Knox Scale Modelers Assoc.


2018 Contest Categories, Rules and Show Theme

Contest Classes & Categories For The 2018 Show:
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To be announced.


1. This contest is sanctioned by the International Plastic Modelers Society USA, and

is sponsored by the Knoxville Scale Modelers Association. Anyone may enter models

in the contest; you need not belong to IPMS/USA or KSMA.


2. This contest is strictly for static scale models constructed from unassembled, unfinished commercial plastic, resin, wooden or metal kits. The following are not eligible for awards, but may be brought for display purposes only:

a. Diecast, pre-assembled/pre-finished toys or replicas.

b. Models which are not the work of a single person.

c. Models winning a 1st place in class or category at a previous KSMA contest.

d. Models winning any award at an IPMS/USA National contest.


3. FUNDAMENTAL MODELING SKILLS COUNT MOST IN JUDGING: correct parts alignment; clean assembly; seam elimination, and smooth application of finish and markings are the primary items which are evaluated. The judges will also consider technical accuracy, added detail, and general effect.


4. ALL DECISIONS OF THE JUDGES ARE FINAL. Teams of three judges will determine 1st and 2nd Place trophy awards, and Honorable Mention ribbons for each category. Automotive judging will be done using the NNL style, with each category having a 1st, 2nd and an Honorable Mention.


5. Best Aircraft, Best Armor, Best Automotive and Best Miscellaneous trophies are determined by a consensus of all the judges in each respective class. 


6. Show officials will determine the competition category of each entry at registration. Judges may at their discretion merge or subdivide categories depending on the number of entries, or move entries to other categories when appropriate. All judging decisions are final.


7. Novice categories are for modelers aged 17 or younger who have never won any award in any IPMS-sanctioned competition, including previous KSMA Novice 1st Place awards.


8. Models eligible for awards must be displayed with completed entry forms. Entrants are encouraged to use the "other information’' area to document unusual color schemes or details, list appropriate handling precautions; and describe the techniques and materials used in construction. Supplemental materials may be attached.


9. A model on a base with simple 2-D terrain is considered an individual model. If there are 2 crew figures (1 can be off the vehicle) the entry is still counted as an individual model. A prime mover with trailer or towed artillery is counted as 1 vehicle.

An entry with 2 to 4 figures, or no more than 2 vehicles, low 3-D groundwork, and has no obvious theme or story, is considered a vignette.

An entry with high terrain features (trees, high walls, houses), or has an obvious theme or story, is considered a diorama.